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Treasure Hunt Sponsors!

Location: South Prairie WA

Veterans Park

Directions: (Click Here for map)

For map to park

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We'll be hiding prizes on the morning of the event so please don't arrive before 11:30am.

There is a $20.00 FEE per Person participating in the treasure hunt on the day of the hunt.

The Kids (13 and Under) treasure will be between 1:00pm - 2:00pm

No charge, Kids are FREE.

Over 200 Targets:

~ Wheat Cents

~ Buffalo Nickels

~ Shield Nickel

~ Barber Nickels

~ Ancient Coins (Roman)

~ 50 Seated Liberty Dimes (Silver)

Coins Donated By:

Date: Sept. 30th 2012  Time: 12:00AM - 4:00PM

Five $10.00 Gift Cards!

Special thanks you to manager Brad Hodl.

Two free Sub's ,.... Plus

Plus 3 buy one get one FREE cards.

Treasure Hunt Sponsors!

Five $10 Gift Certificates!

Special thanks to Manager Haley

for donating the Prizes

A&M Stamps, LLC


Two $15.00 gift Certificates

Four $10 Gift Certificates!

Special thanks to the Manager for donating the gift cards!

Free Lube oil & Filter

Free Tire Rotation

Free Vehicle Inspection

($50.00 Value)

Specil thanks to Bob Sealey for for donating

this great prize. (South Hill Location Only)

Ten FREE Roller Skating Passes!

Special Thanks to John Gustafson for donatingthe following skating passes. These will be apart of the kids treasure hunt.

Value: $70.00

Kids Treasure Hunt Sponsors!

2 Toy Surprises!

Dirt Cup Gift Certificates.

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