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Black Jack's Hunt!


5900 Lake Washington Blvd S,

Seattle, WA 98118

Seward Park, Seattle WA.


Pirate Black Jack: I sent one of my Pirates out to bury treasure in this area... I'm not sure if he buried it or ran.... If you find it keep it but let me know. He may be taking a LONG walk off a short plank. Arg.

Mossy Stump?

Pirate Black Jack: Mmmm Stump on on the Beach... Maybe this is what lefty was talking about... You might look around this area. Who Knows there might just be some nice BOOTY in this park! hehe.

Tree on Hill?

Pirate Black Jack: MMM this Tree on a hill over looking the beach looks like a great spot to hide treasure while watching out for other pirate ships.

The Stump?

Pirate Black Jack: Arg. I sent 3 of my Pirates to bury more of my treasures, Tooo Tall Bones, Steel Blade & Short Snort... one of them made 20 paces from the stump... good Luck

Kitchen 2?

Pirate Black Jack: One of my former pirates was found past out in this building. He was rambling on about fallen Tree and Blue Dot? The treasure he had is missing. If you find him.... please move to another area to dig.....?     >>>---(-_-)---->

Black Jack's would like to Thank Outlaws South Sound Chapter For Assisting with this Hunt!

Please Report or text all found Packets

to: 253-961-3095

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