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Black Jack's Hunt!

Location: Old Golf Course Just Past

                Fort Steilacoom Disc Golf 

                Lakewood, WA 98498

Cashe HUNT!


        Pirate Black Jack: I went out & buried over 100 treasures hunt items! Look to find a Black Jack's Treasure Hunt Packets (Like in above picture) or Cashes, most buried 3-4" deep but some are just under the grass laying flat on the ground. If you find a packet you might be close to a Cashe or not! Cashes are only about 4" deep so NO digging to China. (LOL)  They may or my not give an over load depending on your detector. ALL Cashes Contain SILVER(s) However they contain many other things as well! This means once your in an area that may contain a Cashe you need to switch to all metal mode... some Cashes may not show up in the Coin & Jewelry Setting. 



Clues will be added throughout the week so check back for clues. But if you want to start early good luck!

Items will be on gulf course property only.



1) Check in and around sand traps.

2) Look around a tree laying down.

3) MMM... Both Sides of a tall chain link fence could be good


4) Well 2 sets planks tacked together and buried on end 30 ft apart  looks suspicious..... I'd look around and between them.

5) Are you Stumped? If so Maybe that's the answer....

6) If you are digging and find a Werm you're probably in the wright spot.

Note: 50 more packets were burrier this morning (9-19-2020) good luck PSTHC and any one else that shows up.

Please Call/text to report all found Packets & Cashes.



Black Jack's would like to Thank You for participating in this Hunt! Fill all your holes and remove all trash you've found.

Please Call/text to report all found Packets & Cashes.


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