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Black Jack's Hunt!

Location: Wright Park Tacoma

                501 S I St,

                Tacoma, WA 98405

Wright Park Map.jpg

Horse Shoes, Good Luck!


Pirate Black Jack: I sent one of my Pirates out to bury treasure in this area... I'm not sure if he buried it or ran.... If you find it keep it but let me know. He may be taking a LONG walk off a short plank. Arg. (At the end is a good place to start or finish.... can't)

Boulder Looks Suspicious?


Pirate Black Jack: Over the River and to the big stone.... Or not..... Can't Remember. That night was a bit foggy.... Too much RUM.

Two Statues, MMM?

BJ Treasure Clue

Pirate Black Jack: MMM TWO white statues right next to the street, take 12 steps onto the green but stay away from the traffic you won't find a thing.



Pirate Black Jack: Arg. It might be Big, It might be green when you light the fuse you better duck for safety. Check around My pirates may have dropped stuff in this area

MMM, This Looks GOOD?


Pirate Black Jack: The Pirate that buried some Treasure said "Look for a Glass WALL with a Hill Top Above. You might just find what Dreams are made of" What ever that means.....?  

More Clues May be added check back!

Please Report or text all found Packets

to: 253-961-3095

Sign - 2 - Tree?


One of my pirates drop some items somewhere between this sign & this tree or so he says... If we don't find anything there he might be sleeping with the fishes. ARGGGG!

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