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Black Jack's Hunt!


5900 Lake Washington Blvd S,

Seattle, WA 98118

Seward Park, Seattle WA.

Treasure Map.jpg



1) Report packets found by calling or sending a text to: 253-961-309

2) Some prizes may need to be claimed at Black Jack's Metal Detectors

3) Take care of this park & remove any trash you find.

OUT Door Theater!

Treasure Clue 1

Pirate Captain Black Jack: "Mmmm", JrUNK Pirate Roddie, was found the next morning passed out between the seats of this out door theater. His Booty (LOL or LOOT) is missing. He thinks he buried it some ware between the top steps and the stage.

Got Grass?

Treasure Clue 4.jpg

Pirate Captain Black Jack: 

"ArrrrrG", Pirate Victor Double Eyes, was supposed to buried the treasure in one spot & watch the cove for other pirate ships. Instead was watched the girls on the beach & randomly buried booty while watching ......... any way. Start at the far right by the flowers & Check the grass all the way to the life guard tower. 

Left Or RIGhT?


Pirate Captain Black Jack: 

"ArrrrrG", At the north end of the park look for an old building like this. I buried Treasure on either the right or left side of this structure.... Not going to tell you. I guess you'll have to figure it out your self.

Ya Scurvy Scallion.


Also Check the Beach in front of this building.

Black Jack's Treasure Hunt

Over 500 Items buried 

or scattered in the grass!

Foreign Coinage.jpg

~ Some Coins as early as mid 1,800's

Example of What Buried 

Packets Look Like.

Treasure Hunt Packets.jpg

~ Over 80 Packets Buried.

3 Vines Crossing?


Pirate Captain Black Jack: 

"ArrrrrG" Starting from the Out DOOR Theater, find a trail that will take you north and toward the beach. When you come to a four way intersection look for a monument that says "three Vines Crossing" A couple of intersection corners  might be worth checking.


Grass Left of Out House


Pirate Captain Black Jack: 

"ArrrrrG",  At the north end of the park is a Honey Bucket to the right of a walking trail. To the left is a patch of grass that need to be searched ASAP!

OLD Fish Hatchery Building???


Pirate Captain Black Jack: 

"ArrrrrG", Start from where this picture was taken and work toward the building around the left side and all around the back.

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