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Black Jack's Hunt!

Location: Wayne Park Bothell

                101st Avenue NE,

                 Bothell, WA 98011

Single ITEM?

Behind Tree.jpg

Pirate Black Jack: Mmmm Pirate Scrappy 9 Fingers Burried Something in front or behind this tree.  

(Dificulty: Hard)

Rock WALL?


Pirate Black Jack: MMM this wall looks like a good landmark for burring treasure. I'd Check all areas within 20 feet of the wall. (Dificulty Easy-Medium)

Up Stream Or Down Stream?

UP or down.jpg

Pirate Black Jack: UP Stream or down stream from the bridge and possibly on the 4 corners of the bridge He wasn't real Clear and smelled strongly of rum. I'd check both directions along the sticker bushes (Difficulty: Easy-Medium)


Hillside below tree

Pirate Black Jack: I sent one of my Pirates out to bury treasure down hill from this tree. I'm not sure if he buried it or ran.... If you find it keep it but let me know. He may be taking a LONG walk off a short plank. Arg. (Difficulty: Easy-Medium)

The Bench?

Hill 1.jpg

Pirate Black Jack: Arg. I sent 3 of my Pirates to bury more of my treasures, Tooo Tall Bones, Steel Blade & Short Snort... within in 50 feet is a good place to start.  Good Luck (Dificulty Med-Hard)

The Hillside!!

Hill 2.jpg

Pirate Black Jack: One of my former pirates was found past out in this building. He was rambling on about Burring items in this hillside? The treasure he had is missing & he's ran off. I hope to see him soon my pet CROCK -a- Dale is HUNGRY! 

Black Jack's would like to Thank Outlaws South Sound Chapter For Assisting with this Hunt!

Please Report or text all found Packets

to: 253-961-3095


Use Handtools ONLY!

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